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“Gawain went, and breaking into song
Sprang out.”
-Idylls of the King, Tennyson

When you were young, and leapt at all you saw
the sun was blazoned on the heart of day
and all the flowers of the sweet mid-May
were blooming then. How can this be a flaw—

To love the earth itself? The springtime seemed
to wake for you alone, and you would smile
and half-convince the world, with charming guile
that all could be as you had always dreamed.

When you were young, the world was very fair
but now even the might of glorious May
cannot prevent the dawn of your despair
nor drowning griefs. Perhaps it’s best you fell
before your dreams were utterly dispelled
and everything you loved had passed away.
Sonnet XLII: Gawain
Another Idylls of the King inspired sonnet, this time for Gawain. He doesn't have quite the heroic role in Tennyson as he does in many non-Malory based stories, but I always found this first introduction a great moment. The second half of the first line "he leapt at all he saw" is also taken directly from Tennyson. 

Let me know if you have any critiques/comments/questions! I'd especially be interested if you've read my Bedivere sonnet as well.

Sidenote: I put all my arthurian inspired poetry in one folder, so if that is something that interests you, check it out! 
The spring unfurls in golden threads of flowers
that settle in the earth, and break the ground
in hazy shoots. I did not think such power
emerged from sloping bulbs, or from the sound

of misting rain, or from the dart of light
that twists the trumpet-blooms away from me
and towards the sun. But these, somehow, are bright
beyond the spring alone; beyond what we

encounter daily on our gentle earth.
Their fearlessness is full of breaking joy
against the flooding hail, or trampled dirt
as if they know that nothing is destroyed

that cannot be remade; their blooms are frail
and yet against the world itself prevail.
Sonnet XL: In Spring
I'm in a sonnet mood. :) This one seems appropriate now that the weather is turning.

Also I'm rather amazed I finally got to 40 sonnets. I realize that is nothing compared to say, Parsat, but I'm still impressed with myself.
Thank you for the DD--it was such a great surprise!
". . . the bold Sir Bedivere,
First made and latest left of all the knights."
-Idylls of the King, Tennyson

Perhaps you wished that you had never dreamt
of arching walls, or banners in the breeze,
or turrets on a hill that often seemed
to reach beyond the shining joy you kept

so close within your careful heart. Now death
tears all away; you cannot even grieve
upon that leaping hill, while draining seas
drag ships you loved away to unknown depths.

You stand and watch; the skies succumb to light
as dawn diffuses all the stars with gold.
And you, who once were Bedivere the bold
long only for the haziness of night.
Go down into the deep, go down and sleep
and take your love--unchanged and bright--to keep.
Sonnet XXXVIII: Bedivere, the latest left
Another sonnet, and another arthurian poem! The more I spend time with arthurian stories, the more I'm interested in Bedivere. I highly recommend reading the last poem from Tennyson's Idylls of the King for a particularly poignant view of his character.

As always, critiques/comments are appreciated!


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