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Perhaps my grandfather was that poor man
who, hot and tired in the dusty heat,
walked out into the woods and poured the sand
that in a year, beneath a hundred feet

would turn into a trail. He cannot know
that now my little dog repeats those steps
to sniff at every stem and leaf that grows
along the path. Perhaps, somehow, she's kept

the scent of him, and strains to sense it here--
I do not care. It is enough for me
to wander in these woods, and feel that near
these trees some workers of the CCC

once strove to build something that has remained
beyond all of our losses, and their pain.
A State Park
Last poem of my Lake Superior themed series. Let me know what you think, and if you've read all four I would especially value your input. :)
You walked into the waves and never left.
The pebbles scattered underneath the cold
clear water once were stones; the foaming crests
now sinking into sand could once enfold

the iron-sided ships, and overturn
their weighted hulls to drown their steaming gasps
as algae swamped the deck, and dragged the stern
below. The shards of driftwood floating past

perhaps were carved from one of their proud spars
and now are worn almost to nothingness.
And you were once my friend--you now who are
diminished to a ghost I cannot sense

unless I stand here in these grasping waves
and feel, with every shock of cold, your grave.
Graveyard of the Great Lakes
3rd poem in my Lake Superior themed sonnet set. Feel free to comment/critique! There is just one more poem in this series. :)
A moment only--if I cannot stand
here in this forest for a moment more
at least, just once, I want to feel this land
carved up by roots, and stretching to the shore

of broken limestone cliffs. These trees have seen
a century by now, at least, and grown
amongst young pines, and grown between
bright birches. Nearby a copper river flows

and falls into cascades of burnished foam.
A moment only--then the world is so
achingly small. I want to go back home
but everything is blurred, and I can't know

how many years these woods can still endure;
I wish I could--but I am so unsure.
Sunk down in deep belows I slept outstretched
to grasp at silver fish that darted by
and there I laid a century, and dreamt
of gulls and waves; of sunlight and the sky--

yes there I fell, and there I stayed, disturbed
by nothing but the slow decay of rust;
my iron heart forgot, and slowly turned
to flakes of reddened bronze, and then to dust.

I woke to find that everything had changed;
only the cold remained the same, and I
am numbed now to the feel of pouring rain
and cannot hear the waves, nor see the sky.

Just let me sleep. Let me become again
a darkness in the flooded, drowning, depths.
The SS Henry B. Smith
So I guess I'm back? At least somewhat!

This is actually the first of a series of sonnets, all centered around Lake Superior. The others will be posted every few days.

As always, comments and criticism are most welcome.

(I left it out of the title, but this is also Sonnet XXXI).
I do not think you sat alone--although you might have sat
In dusty rooms, by oil lamps
And as the flicker bobbed and dropped, you wrote. I know
That others came to hear you speak
As we still do.

I wonder if you ever spoke like him, who spoke alone
To crowds, and single men, and then
In front of those who stirred the hemlock-cup, and bade him drink.
I do not think they listened well
To what he said.

I read the other day what you had thought, upon his death
And where you thought he went. Your friend
I hope, took comfort in the words you said he spoke, although
We know you wrote them all alone
When he was dead.
To Plato
I just reread Gorgias--probably my favorite piece of Plato's.
Hi everyone,

You may have noticed I haven't been active in a couple months, and I'm very sorry both about that and about not mentioning anything until now. To be honest, I have had a lot of very time consuming things to deal with in the past half-year and just didn't feel like dealing too much with poetry and writing.

But I am back, and I promise to at least let people know if such a thing happens again!

Anyway, thanks for all your continued support, and most recently for my second DD--I am unbelievably honored.

Thanks again!


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